Porsche night at Ace Cafe



Hi all

If anyone is local, Porsche night at the Ace tomorrow night.

As usual will be there, but weathers not looking to great, so will see how the day goes tomorrow.

if not able, enjoy the rest of the bank holiday...


Thanks for the heads up, I hear there is a massive storm about to bash southern England, I hope it isn't as bad as the weather folk are saying.
Hurrican Katie I think.

Wouldn't fancy spending a few hours at the Ace in that.
I do love the Ace however, it's just a shame that it's so rammed day to day with different events. A proper business it has become but a casual cafe, as it was originally, it is not.
Took my Clio cup down to French night the other week. Rammed it definitely was not. Lol. I do get what you mean though, but Porsche night is a pretty civilised affair, a la no donuts or burnouts
What makes you feel that Porsche Fans are on here ?