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What we should have learned from the two Great Wars.

As the Great Wars thread is going to be larger than I had planned as I've increased the level of detail and the conclusion from it a long way off.

I'll run this in parallel. But in the Public Arena, no swearing or similar.

This thread has potential, the potential to get me a lot of flak, I am almost certain to offend every single reader, but this is neither wanted or purposeful, it is an attempt to offer a view of us now from as far away as I can manage. By writing it I want the reader to think, the problem is the reader might just as easily think me an evil man as much as a little speck of light.

In the year 2414 those left in a free World will look back at the 20th and early 21st Century with a mixture of horror and amazement.

Despite our apparent 'good life' History will judge this era as one of utter stupidity,we are condemned to this final conclusion of the future, just as much as we look back to the true Dark Age after the Romans left our shores c400AD and think what a bunch of retards who knew know better.

We don't think much about these poor souls, their lives were brutal and riven with wars over land and caused by religion, remnants of those Religious wars are still with us today, they appear as days of the year, the next one coming up is Harvest festival, then Hallowe'en, then Bonfire night (Guy Fawkes took over a much older festival of fire to lighten the darkening skies), then Xmas as that took over from the 'Middle Dark' rejoicing as the shortest day passed.

Although these 'wars' would barely pass as much more than a bit of local trouble these days, we forget that at that time as we failed to maintain the gifts left by the Romans and we stopped moving about much and as a 'MyLittleWorld' inhabitant of the time was so Horizon deprived, they were in effect World wars.

I think you can see the parallel I'm drawing here.

Our bemused inhabitant in 2414 will look back at us in a similar way, but he/she will see that the troubles spanned the entire globe all in a short period of time.

In those dark days we suffered from many Prophets, just as we do today.

Let me explain what a 'prophet' really is, he is a person with clarity (I say 'his' as they invariably were male) and this clarity allowed him to see beyond his day to day actions, even his annualised actions caused by that rotation around our Sun making planning so essential, this clarity and the pursuit of it led to closed orders right across the World, they didn't worry about annualised things and they were fed by others in the hope that these 'thinkers' could bring them a better life, and in simpler days it largely worked, cycles of those annualised events were noted and you became a prophet, a seer into the future.

But there was a sharp dividing line between these prophets, the line was sharp then and just as sharp today, but we don't know what it is, right across this World the evidence is clear very few people are aware it exists.

This hugely visible definition is almost wilfully ignored.

The dividing line can be best summed up in the difference between the two sides and naming them, on one side are the 'Persuaders' and on the other are 'Conquerors', the former gain a clarity of some sort, get a means to make the best of it for their people (those that accept the idea) and if others nearby think, 'Hey! that works, I'll have some of that!' and so he becomes a prophet. The latter gain a no lesser form of clarity but they wish to impose it on others because it is so good for them, in a phrase, 'Look at how much good this has done us, this is good for you you must take it on'.

Then there are those that wait for a prophet, they will play the victim card and inveigle themselves into peoples hearts as eternal victims, this a very successful play on the 'prophet' game and was epitomised by Dickens in the character of Uriah Heep.

The World today has all three types of player but one is in decline, the 'Persuader' prophets are virtually extinct today.

The War in the Middle East is a mish-mash of the two dominant prophets of our present Dark Age.

We have the 'Prophetless' in the shape of Israel and the Financial Nation*, we have various 'Conquering Prophets' in the shape of ISIS/ISIL/IS and the false flag 'Persuader Prophets' who are in fact 'Conqueror Prophets' in the shape of the USA, UK and the self-obsessed infant child EU.

With regard to those latter two, they are us, we are nothing more or less than Quisling states, we are all little Vidkuns one way or another, satellites in the sway of greater gravitational body.

*We now must consider the entire Intl Finance community as a further 'homeless' Nation State. I would further suggest that my mythical viewer in 2414 is likely to be an inhabitant of the Financial Nation State, a sort of financial 'israel' created somewhere on this planet and is a survivor of the Wars that came about as this Nation State found a home, a form of reversed Diaspora bringing 'home' New York, London, Hong Kong and other centres of finance to one place, we see this in wispy shadow right now with our own return to growth centred on London, you are seeing a ghost of the future.

More to come... all a bit dark and depressing, sadly.

Remember, this is in the Open Forum, this is our Public Face, debate is good and encouraged, slag me off in the private arena if you must, I can take it, but I'd like this be a robust World facing discussion, it is too important to be confined, cheers, Ian.
In the World of the Blind...

...the one eyed man is King and we all want to be Kings amongst men.

So we're in a mess, as our leaders stumble around without the perspective that comes from having binocular vision, they only have one eye because they too have accepted in large part the fantasy past or just as bad, they know the truth (they damned well ought to!) but the populace don't and so should the 'King' do things with real perspective he would seen as completely out of touch.

So we ruin ours and any others chance of a better future.

You can only learn from History if that History has at it's core accuracy and truth. By making up a false fabric of truth, the threads cannot be picked up and the reality of humanity is that there are threads of History all over the place that could lead to betterment for all if only we could discard or ignore the false.

Shortly after I conceived the idea of the two threads I wrote to Cem about other matters and pushed the idea of having the front page of the site as a place of attraction for all comers and although this is not a car related thread, events have overtaken us and the Middle East is a huge concern to us all.

These events are legacy events as have been almost all the events on this war riven planet since time began, but occasionally we have a chance to stop repeating the mistakes of the past before they create a true disaster rather than a small one.

We are at this point right now, we are in the midst of a hugely important place in History, we were in one in 1990 and again in 2003, this one though is the biggie.

Our decisions, our leaders decisions in the next months will be more impactful than those taken in 1914, gthis is our third go at getting it right and we are looking to get it wrong, no-one is taking the lessons of the past into account at all.

This is going to cost us, sitting here writing this on a Saturday evening before venturing out to try my luck with the single yummy-mummies of the fair town of Bracknell I cannot see this decade ending without a Nuclear Weapon being used in the USA, less likely but still possible one here too.

This is the price we will have to pay for following a 'Conqueror' prophet, it will happen if we don't change.

Our Conqueror prophets are well known and have failed miserably, in 1990 the US was doomed to failure, the flag waving and banners proclaiming 'Victory' were a joke, a very sick joke as the ignominious retreat of 2011 (with the same boasting that accompanied Dunkirk) was in fact another defeat to join the one in Vietnam almost 40 years earlier.

We are going back, or rather the US is and for the moment the same stupid idea is present, "an Air War will win it", History holds a great lesson for us all, but it is forgotten, ignored, swept under the carpet, the only time in History an Air War give a singular and final victory was in 1945 when the US dropped two Nuclear Warheads on Japan.

That History lesson tells us we have just two choices in the coming months, we either clear out of the Middle East altogether or we nuke them out of the desire to fight.

This abandonment is total, we leave Israel and Saudi Arabia and every other power base in the area to their own devices. A total cessation of financial and military help, no weapons or ordnance to either side.

Ahhh! you say, the Russians will step in!

No they won't, they did that and in Afghanistan, paid a huge price as they became the 'enemy' of the Middle East and if you were alive at that time then you'll know that the US was no longer the 'Great Enemy' and in a few short months became their friends as we sold them weapons.

I... we don't want any of that area as friends for the moment until the feud brought about by their various beliefs in Sky Fairy Gods is resolved one way or another and all by themselves.

If they are down to their last bullet and are beating each other to death with clubs with nails punched through them then so be it, it is (apparently) the will of their insane Sky Fairy God and he will hopefully fortify them as the nails of each others utter stupidity rip their flesh.

Such utterly worthless cretins need to be removed from this planet, I'd rather not Nuke them out of existence as it messes up the place, but battering each other senseless with clubs will only fertilise the ground and thereby perhaps for the first time in their vile lives do some good on this earth.

When there is one last retarded heathen left standing and if he is still not satisfied with all the death and is still belligerent, the US and the UK can draw straws as to whether to send in a 'Tommy' or a GI Joe to shoot the last worthless retard off the face of this good earth.

Have a good evening, I intend to whilst I can, 'cos we won't stop interfering and our lovely and largely untroubled World is coming to an end... the futures bright, don't forget your shades!
... and we find we can't keep out.

So, we again take sides in a Civil War.

We vote for these morons, shocking, the only person who is hated most in a Civil War is the person who takes sides, he can NEVER do enough for the side he takes and he is hated by the side he chooses to snub and kill.

So the Civil War will now be visited upon us as a direct result.

Years of patiently quietly conniving to put Saddam H, Gadaffi and Assad in place to keep a cap on the fractious loons has all but disappeared, CIA Agent and father of the drummer in The Police, Miles Copeland must be spinning like a top in his grave, he spent years and was immensely successful in keeping the Sky Fairy God loons from destroying each other lost in a flurry of neo-conservative agitation and the manipulation of 'new media' to deceive entire nations (including this one) that these nations wanted 'Democracy'... what a sick joke that is.

These nations don't want any form of 'Democracy', they want Islam... and the two really don't mix, they are oil and water. To Islam democracy is something to be used, it is weakness, the fraud and bullying in Tower Hamlets is a prime example of the real attitude to it.

A small group of perhaps a couple of thousand 'tweeters' and I'net posters may have wanted it, but they did not speak for the 100 million.

Most people today think of themselves as 'sophisticated' and 'smart', they are not.

The last few years has seen manipulation of both thought and action on a huge scale.

We consider our Democracy to be the bee's knees, it isn't, it's good for us as we've gone through all the to's and fro's of it over a few centuries and it works, well it did, it doesn't any more.

We need a revolution, we won't want one, but we need one quite desperately, this Country is as rotten as an over-ripe pear at it's head and the rot sooner or later will mean we all drop from the tree and split and spill on the ground, the cancer at the top of this state needs to be excised.

All the time that we waste stirring and staring into the fetid dung that makes up a great deal of this World the less time we spend looking at our own rotting corpse adding to the pile.

I'm looking for a 21st Century Cromwell, someone to behead not a King, but a coterie of Princes.
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The next World War (coming sooner than you might think) will be a rather dark affair.

Like the last it will be a war masked by deceptions from the outset.

ISIS/ISIL/IS is the rolling, rumbling start of it.

It obviously has again a bogey-man, the bogey-man this time is Putin, different story here to the Hitler fantasy but the same masque and deception.

I bet you thought it was that Al-Bagdadhi shill didn't you, it's not him, he is nothing more than a bit player, the real game here is China.

The problem with China is the same as the one that caused WW2, it is making money without paying a tithe to Intl. Finance by not having a 'National bank' with private owners like the rest of the World, the 'Great Tithe*' is largely uncollected in this vast economy and in Russia the same applies but the tithe goes to a young rival upstart modern Rothschilds made up from Oligarchs.

China will be brought in by a surprising route, I will outline it here and you can watch as each domino falls in the progress toward another global war.

The protagonists will be...

In the Red Corner, traditional colour you'll agree... Russiaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

In the Blue Corner, the great 'Yellow Hope' Chinaaaaaaaaaaa! In the corner for this bout is the US of A giving a hand as part of the payback of loans mechanism invented just for this occasion.

The 'problem' is that Putin is trying to avoid the fight, he can see it coming just as clearly as I can, he was in place and my adversary 'back in the day' and he is full of guile and is playing possum... a brilliant tactic and the only one that thwarts the plan.

But people are planning, dark ideas abound, and just like that vile Polish Marshall Smigly who provoked WW2, someone is soon to provoke the moves to bring about WW3 in a not too dissimilar fashion.

*I will devote an entire post on the 'Great Tithe' so as to bring you fully up to speed, 'Blue Pill' moment for some I fear.
The engendering of a War.

How do you start a World War?

Well, the first thing you might do before you start one is make sure you're going to be the winner or at least the only one talking about any sort of victory.

Second, if you live in a 'democracy' you mustn't be seen to have started it.

Third, if you can only 'go in' if you can be seen to be doing so to relieve or support a 'victim'.

Practice makes perfect, right?

Start small and when you have ironed out the wrinkles hit the red button.

Well we're in the midst of the second attempt to kick it off

In April last year after two years of planning they were ready to go, but thanks to the 'lighting of the fuse' being the worst fiasco in Security Service history, in being both discovered and exposed by people who risked their lives doing so, Putin stepped away from the bait.

Let's hope our luck continues.
You are a Jehovah aren't you !
You are a Jehovah aren't you !
No lol... that's a good'n. :)

Agnostic, sky fairy gods are not my thing, you should have grasped that by now I would have thought.
I feel guilty not having the time to read this, I will over the weekend :thumbsup:
"Crisis Actors"...

Since WW2 we in the West have fabricated or obfuscated 'atrocities', fake news reports, fake interviewees and even rather notoriously back-projected war scenes in studios in the USA that claim to be from a front-line that didn't even exist.

By the late-90s they were being de-bunked by thousands of people and for a while they were dropped, the internet killed them off.

A new tactic was required and they're back.

Slightly improved and believed by so many.

For the last two years every 'atrocity' has been faked up, the event itself is often real.

So how do you know this event is going to take place so as to be in the right place to add the actors?

That is the easy bit, you engender it, it is the easiest game in the land, you recruit them, you don't recruit terrorists, you recruit volunteers.

Straight from the CIA manual.

First find people fed up with the Real Baddies not hard at all, peace groups and individuals often speak out... recruit one or some to be on the side of the Good Guys and you train them.

Part of the training is for them to place themselves into the mind of the RBs, this will mean role playing and that works quite nicely. Even fooling members of your own family seeing you becoming 'radicalised', you're told you are going to be helping in an undercover operation and just to keep yourself safe you must appear 'real'.

The training then finally involves a real occasion rather than a staged one, this is the sting, you tell them to go to this event and leave a bomb, it's harmless you're told, totally harmless.

It's just a lot of smoke and noise and it is there to test how well they are doing and to see how quickly the civilian services respond.

You are doing a great service for your Country.

So what do we have now... a man or men that appear radicalised by even their family and sworn to secrecy and is about to place a bomb at an event you have planned for all along, actors can be quite easily in place for this. We'll get to those actors shortly and how scam and acquiescence is obtained and maintained.

Our recruits go to the event, place their 'smoke bombs' and leave, they are told to report to base immediately after placing the 'fakes', where usually you kill them. It's a cruel game but... the needs of the many... etc etc.

The bombs go off, but your recruits are held up and don't get back to base and when they hear of the deaths and huge injury toll they go to pieces.

Now these guys realise they've been framed by the CIA and there is no hope in trusting any service of the state, they are entirely outside of it and their family and friends too. They are in the most desperate situation imaginable.

They will have not been taught enough to be able to go to ground effectively, which is quite hard and requires a totally counter-intuitive set of skills.

Now these guys are armed killers on the loose, the cops are on a shoot to kill mission, the cops are not in on the truth so will be oblivious of the truth.

The City/Town are not in on it either and declaring a mild form of Martial Law, advising people to stay in not confront these guys means that their first encounter is more than likely to be fatal.

If they are really bright they'd call a LOCAL paper or radio station and tell their story and offer a public surrender, but they never are (or haven't been to date at least) if they did that at least then they stand a chance.

The other 'nuisance' can be reasonable members of the public.

Usually they die in a hail of bullets... but occasionally, just occasionally they don't.

But all bases are covered, so no real worry, they never see their 'CIA' men again, the bomber(s) are now slowly convinced (if the thought hasn't occurred to them already) they have been trained not by the CIA, but by real terrorists, they will invariably plead guilty.

The entire ethos of the Agent Provocateur is today far more crafty than the simple bloke making a rabble rouse themselves to hang a witch, today they are used to raise concerns and fear, bloody effective it is too.

Next... Hoax videos, they're getting better, but still not quite good enough, so the 'authorities' try to make viewing them and analysing them an act of terrorism itself.

Back later, I'll leave you with this little 'gem' regarding the James Foley beheading.

"Scotland Yard warned the public that viewing, downloading or disseminating the video within the UK might constitute a criminal offence under terrorism legislation."

We live in interesting times.
Comrade Putin, how very dare he!

Not only does this swine decline the bait to roll into a global conflict, he now sends aid and he has put our nose out of joint to such an extent that we are demanding he take it away.

Putin will be in possession of the real facts that lead up to WW2 (see the other thread inside the site) and is not playing the game.

Putin smart... Yanks double-stupid.

Just heard the American spokesman say that although aid is needed they don't want it from Russia. There is nothing on this good earth that is stupider than a stupid yank.
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To put that in context... the US and the UK are planning invasion and have already sent boots on the ground in Syria, violating that Country's Sovereignty... and the self-same bigoted retards complain about Russia sending aid as a violation of Ukraine Sovereignty.

But so far not a murmur or pointing of any finger and the words 'Bigotry!'.

That is how the population is 'played', it's easy.
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The Question!

The simple question that should appear in anyone's mind by now is why is there this constant belligerence from the USA?

Why is there such a seeming need for wars to continually spring up like boils and pustules right across the World?

What could possibly be the reason?

All of it, every single war fought anywhere on this Planet has had the USA in the mix promoting, engendering, arming, supplying and fighting for one reason alone.

There is a simple term that you need to memorise (it may various permutations) but it is this one.

Fractional Reserve Trading In Gold.

Now we all have a rough idea of Fractional Banking, it's simple enough and I'll explain it just in case it isn't at the forefront of your mind.

First, every bank in the World to some extent or another is a Fractional Banking system.

The Bank takes in your cash savings it pays interest on it, the idea is that you keep it there and they use it to make that interest, fair enough, so it 'sends away' a substantial part of yours and mine cash to do this, it can do this safely because only a few of us will have need to get all our money back over a period time shorter than a year.

So 1,000 people put in a £1,000 each and the bank has £1,000,000 it sends away (say) £900,000 to do 'work'

This gives them £100,000 to cover interest at (say) 2% (£20,000) and allows for up to 80 people to get on demand the £1,000 to cover unexpected needs.

This is Fractional Banking, all those numbers in our ban accounts are just a type of faith.

That faith has a reason for it, that is because behind that faith is the 'fact' (loose term, as we shall see) that it is backed by reserves, reserves are usually in the form of Gold and Silver, but other precious metals are used but primarily it's Gold.

To spread the risk and increase the safety of this system the Gold is kept in the safest economy, the stablest, the most overtly honest.

The USA as the great superpower holds most.

But there has been a problem, for 40 years they have been skimming a bit off the reserve, at first it wasn't much more than was the legitimate fees plus a little bit, no-one minded because no-one knew...

But as the US Federal Reserve dipped further and further into the immense wealth they hold on faith for us so we all can live with money, you had until quite recently had the right to get a bank statement and ask for it to be given to you in Gold, it was the bit on the Bank note that says 'promise to pay etc etc'. it used to be paid in 'Sovereigns' made of 99.9% pure Gold.

AN ASIDE! READ REALLY, REALLY CAREFULLY THE FOLLOWING:- Gordon Brown, remember him? He sold our Gold didn't he, sold it cheap too! Well after we asked for some of our Gold back from the US FED RES the USFR told us that our Gold was inferior! It was no longer 99.9% pure, it was only 90.9% pure! Gordon for all his failings knew (as perhaps a few hundred in serious money circles knows) that the USFR had been selling other Nations Gold to third parties in other parts of the World, it was an inverse sale, so the USFR 'supposedly' bought Gold on behalf of India and India sent them the money to do so, in so doing it propped up the dollar, but it also was used to fund the USFR form of Quantative Easing. But they never went to the market and bought the Gold, but they sent the Treasury Notes (like Bank Notes with a similar 'promise to pay etc. etc.), these notes have been repeatedly refused and not honoured. Gordon decided that the best thing to do is get what we could for our Gold, and reduce our potential risk of total financial collapse. A collapse that is inevitable.

So what the hell has this to do with a World with a constant War somewhere on it's surface?

It's the 'safe haven' idea, the USA does all it can to promote this concept. That way the Gold stays in the USA, or rather, no-one finds out they've been stealing it, because this is theft, it is theft on a breathtaking scale, it is in multiples of Trillions of Dollars/Pounds.

This why the US Administrations are in such a state of fear and will do anything to avoid it, war is as nothing to what the reaction would be right at home in the USA, they are preparing for it if this next War doesn't happen then the crash happens and Putin isn't playing ball and is applying pressure offering to take energy payments in Gold from Germany in the form of Individual guarantees on the Euro backed by it.

This is why Germany asked for it's Gold back from the USFR, not a lot of it, 300tonnes. That isn't a lot of Gold, they have 'apparently' 1500tonnes there. Including that 500 tonnes marked up with Swastikas and the other insignia of the Third Reich. Gold is more important than Wars and any conflict, which is why right through WW2 Germany's financial representative was able to go and check on the Reich' Gold unaffected by it. So a couple of years ago Germany asks for their Gold and they are told No, then Germany asks to visit and check on it and test it's purity, they were refused, a flat refusal. The refusal was because their Gold and all the Western nations Gold has gone.

At first it was melted down and re-stamped for India and China, well actually re-stamped for India and then melted down again and re-stamped for China :) This happened repeatedly back and forth, today it's stamped India's then tomorrow it's China's then the next day India's new designated 'purchase' and so on.

Then they took a fair bit of that too!

Where has it gone?

Nowhere! But the vast amount has been taken and melted down and re-stamped for the shareholders, yes the USFR is a private Company, it's owned by 9 Families, all in Banking and all Jewish.

But hold on before you scream 'Anti-semite' or similar, it's theirs for good reason, it actually IS theirs. No conspiracy, no anti-semitic rubbish it's theirs.

The Us Gov. has stolen the other Nations of the World's Gold and sold it to these Jewish Bankers so they can print money for growth and support the Stock Market.

The Bankers have acted totally legitimately and even fairly, the US Gov however has not.

Because of the walls put up to hide this gigantic US Gov theft, it leads the stupid to think that it is some huge Jewish/Zionist plot, and even reasonable minds that are not in possession of the full facts to draw that conclusion.

Back to Gordon Brown and that Gold... so he sold Gold that didn't exist and what did he do with it? well he bought real Gold in the open market with it through proxies, I know the chap that masterminded this coup, just after the purchases were completed the treasury invited the Queen to visit the Vaults, he's the chap in the background with the 'knowing' smile, great bit of lateral thinking, sell Gold that didn't exist and buy real stuff with the US Treasury notes. Priceless grin.

Thanks to this and a few other 'machinations' this chap increased our home-held wealth by about 40% at zero real cost... that, my friends, is a real financial genius.

Once you've grasped all the above you understand why Pakistan was 'helped' in getting a Nuclear Weapon, it means India will continue to send 75% of it's wealth in Gold in the USA and keep it there.

China is a problem and Putin as well, Russia has very little Gold abroad and has masses at home and is mining more and more of it every day and the Chinese are doing the same but due to the trade between the US and China the US has insisted in huge amounts going to them... and they are spending it like a greedy child in a sweet shop.

It's a bit of a mess isn't it.
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Oh, if you want to know why it happens to be the Rothschild family right in the heart of all the World Reserves, you can trace that back to 1815 and one of that early dynasty standing in the old Exchange and 'pulling a face'... I'm hoping Guy knows that bit of banking History and he might tell you all about it so as to stop this being a monologue.

Have lovely week-ends.
I'm going to have to disagree with you on this gold bit I'm afraid.

The total global gold reserves in central banks are circa $1.1 trillion. This is but a tiny tiny amount of gross balance sheets of the global banks and central banks which is in the 100-200 trillion dollar range.

Gold is of little real consequence other than some historic 'background faith'. In reality most people don't know that no banks can pay back all their money since almost all deposits are taken for short periods of less than a year (indeed most are repayable on demand), whereas most lending is on mortgage and loans for 5-25 years (it's called maturity transformation). It is however the guarantee from the credible central bank that re-assures people their money is safe not any explicit or implicit idea that there is any gold behind the scenes (unlike a century ago). Ask an average 25 year-old and he wouldn't think there's any gold in the system.

Many countries have very little gold in relation to their size and run just fine, even with big banking systems. The UK has one of the worlds biggest banking systems, but only a tiny amount of gold (£10bn) vs HSBC/Barclays/RBS all having gross balance sheets near or exceeding 2,000 billion EACH. So gold backs about 0.1% of only the biggest 3 of many UK banks.

Indeed the UK and any other country could exist without any gold, since the 'faith' in now on the govt, which derives it's value from it's ability to take taxes from a large productive economy. Gold reserves are nothing more than a historic hangover, something Gordon Brown correctly recognised, although he got his timing on the price very wrong. Greece and Romania have more gold reserves than Australia, whose bonds would you buy and where would you place your money.....

Oh and regarding the Rothschilds, it is true that over many centuries they held great sway over the global financial systems and even tamed and turned Governments, but they have little influence today. Sure some are rich and there are lots of them (I've met a few), but their institutions are small, weak and they have little influence beyond managing their own money, which is still substantial. The global financial systems are now massively diverse geographically, mainly publicly owned and run almost entirely by professionals. I'm afraid in my opinion when people start mentioned 'the Rothschilds' they are often only a short step away from talking about the 'royal family being lizard people'.

There are many tricks that central banks and govt can play, such as 'quantitative easing', but I find it difficult to believe that any major country would dictate policy based on gold. Of course the yanks are an utterly unpredictable and self-interested country so it's not impossible, but from an economic point it seems very unlikely. By contrast it is very clear that much world policy is driven by oil, which unlike gold has a direct influence on the economies and it is business and the economy that runs US politics.
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Hi Guy.

Good stuff, much of the 'gross' value you speak of is made up of 're-selling' and 'futures' in all it's forms.

Mortgages... 'death pledge' is the literal translation, 'Maturity Transformation' is just another bit of Banking 'bolony-speak'. it is simply borrowing from the future and to use more banking terms it is just a bit of gearing... and gearing is what the re-selling and futures finally come down to. All fall into the broad term of gearing using either time or projected 'added value'.

The seeming 200:1 ratio you mention is about right, say for example the reselling ratio of a pair of 'Beats' headphones or an Ipod will be in the 1000:1 ratio.

I think you are conflating your M1's, M2's and M3's with core wealth and the former's ability to self generate, which is I think wrong.

In simple terms, if a financial system starts to haemorrhage it is the core wealth that means the system can be put back on it's feet, the 200:1 is built upon that core wealth, but the larger 'systemic wealth' (the 200 fold speculation) is not able to sustain itself if it stops moving forward (note not 'up'), it is similar to a heart attack, most such attacks are merely a stutter, a pause in the beats and you're a goner. That is because we have no core life-force, we don't spontaneously revive. Financial systems outlive us because of the core wealth that underpins it.

It is not the exuberance of the markets, not even the banking system that can revive a punctured balloon, the '200' in the 200:1 ratio is akin to the air in the balloon and the tiny '1' the balloon itself, two separate metaphors, sorry about that!

To date all our crashes have really only been (to continue the first analogy) a lowering of the Heart-rate and of course booms a raising of it. But confidence, is the potential heart attack as well as the means of raising or lowering the heart-rate.

The idea the Rothschilds being less powerful is an illusion, a big tree is very visible on a landscape and but in a forest of trees there is no focal point, it's just a lot of wood.

Let me explain about the 'Lizards' thing, like many, almost everyone actually, you have not seen the real deception, first there are no Lizards, it is a piece of 'artifice', my guess is you are alluding to the World according to Icke.

I am about to destroy an illusion for you, the entire 'Lizard' thing was a canard (to mix species) and by God it was a good'n.

I don't think he was the full shilling, but as a strategist he's a master, he has an enemy (real or perceived) of what he sees as a largely Jewish conspiracy to run the World.

The answer is to become notorious, use that small inlet into the media you have and go bonkers on live TV.

He'd spoken about his real beliefs and aims for quite some time prior to that notorious TV interview, but was not getting anywhere, he was just plain ignored, so he went publicly off the rails.

I was called into the sitting room by my then wife in 1991 who said there was a mad bloke on TV who thinks he's God.

I had never heard of David Icke, before that evening and I watched and laughed, but unlike many I didn't laugh at what he was saying, I was laughing because I'd seen it before. I really had!

When I was a young man I went to see a movie, it was called 'Network' it came out here in 1976, you won't recall it probably but it was a bit of a cult movie almost immediately, the only vestige these days is the phrase "I'm as mad as hell, and I ain't gonna take it no more." (or similar) you can doubtless find it on Youtube.

I was laughing because if you want to use the media you need to startle people, we call it the Wow factor in some circumstances and shock value in others.

He had the Worlds attention and that was all he needed, where before the TV 'made' him he was almost a lone voice, impotent, afterwards he had followers. Lot's of them, some were barking but he attracted many who were not.

The faux madness continued and the net arrived and people listened and as all people do they selected bits they thought from his utterances, the phrase "He's right about that though!" is the most common one that can be associated with him.

From that one piece of theatre (which he laughs about to this day) he spawned the likes of Glenn MacKay, Alex Jones, Cenk Uygur and countless others, all equally relying on that phrase "He's right about that though!".

That is all that is needed, in amongst it all one person knows something, something that can pry the lid off a nasty can of worms.

For example, I have a post here headed 'Crisis Actors' now a few years ago the idea would have been preposterous, insane and dismissed out of hand as a ridiculous notion, but now they've been found, the Companies that run them, the names of these actors, payment slips and scripts, even the use of the Witness Protection service in hiding the main ones from sight... all from just a single sentence from one actor on the net just 4 years ago.

But the biggest benefit of the apparent insanity was something else. If you dare take on or seriously cross-question 'Zionism' you are stuffed in this World, you will be ruined, called an anti-semite and modern life for you stops.

So the madness of Icke was his shield, if those subject to his attacks then attack him they then debase themselves and become embroiled in the madness and we might start to take the the 'great grievance' less seriously, this means that Icke has been able to do massive amounts of work on his objective with not, to date, one single charge of 'anti-semite' despite probably single-handedly doing more to probe into the activities of this group than any other person you or I could name.

If you were alluding to Icke then I suggest you have, along with many many others, under-estimated him badly.

Another example for you, FEMA camps (look them up) without various 'nutters' right across the USA, these would have remained secret as they were planned to be, the FEMA trains the same, go look them up, they're real and we have the same here in the UK and I know where they are, so Guy when you finally take to the streets when your money is worthless and your family is pleading for you to 'do something' and then as a result of being as mad as hell and doing something get sent to what is effectively a concentration camp, I'll come and bust you out.

It's a darkening World.

PS, on the Banking matter... read up on 'Round-Robin Hypothecation'.
Are you aware of the events in the exchange in 1815? I'll re-tell the story if you don't.
Napolean, his part in our downfall.

It's 1815 and two men are fighting for their lives, well their Armies are.

On one side is Wellington and on the other the cheese-eating (Ne te lave pas, j’arrive... euuurgh!) surrender-monkey Napolean.

It's an important war for us but even more important to the bankers that financed both sides, the Rothschilds.

Now if you think conventionally, that seems to make no sense, surely you are going to lose as much as you gain if you back both sides!!!

No, you are on a win on both sides as as the winner pays his debt and then as part of reparations pays the losers debts too.

But that is not enough, Bankers are, in conventional terms, greedy and heartless.

So what did our Rothschild do to make real gains, from this war, financing both sides is a paltry few million (in 1815 that was quite a lot of money) so Nathan Rothschild has a messenger on the battlefield, his name I think was Worth (not sure) anyway Worth's job was to see who won and then gallop to the French coast and take a boat waiting for him and get to London before the news broke.

Roth had luck all the way, the change of horses was perfect and the tide and wind were perfect, he arrived at New Court 24hrs before the rest of the World knew.

Nathan Rothschild stood at his usual place in the Exchange and looked glum as he sold English Bonds, everyone knew that if anyone in the World knew the result of the Battle it would be the man who with Worth started what we call today Reuters.

The Bonds dropped, and as the day progressed he was given notes and he looked glummer and sold more of them, not too many, the market trashed itself, through proxies he bought all he sold and as many of the others at knock-down prices.

At the end of the day (after collecting a huge trawl of knocked down bonds) and to ensure he wasn't to be accused of cheating and shot the next day, he started to buy when a note arrived in the evening (the exchange didn't have proscribed hours) and he slept soundly, the next day he continued to discretely buy and when the 'News' arrived of Wellington's victory, he had not just made money from both sides but he was the richest man in the World by a fantastic margin, he was richer than British Empire itself, such was the extent of his holding of treasury notes.

The Gov. at the time and the Bank of England were in trouble and he moved in on the latter resting control of it, such was his over-weening braggadocio he said the following, reported widely, the reports say exactly the same... "I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply."
Guy made a very interesting point that I dismissed out of hand, we are all prone to speech or writing shorthand and I do try to avoid it, but I lapsed, time to correct that. With apologies to Guy for the dismissive wave-away of the hand.

It is regard to the 'all pervasive' presence of the Rothschilds, they did also produce, as well as sons, daughters too... and they married, they married Warburgs, Rockefellers, Morgans and a few others.

So when I or others write 'Rothschild' we mean both the 'genus' as well as the 'hybrids'.

It always surprises me that I have to explain this, it is almost as if the female of the species never come into being...

So, if anyone reading this or other texts on this subject and providing they aren't some of the many utterly insane works of a madman, the word Rothschild should not be an automatic marker for writings of the barking mad.