The Most powerful man on the Planet.


Cars owned: Getting a King-Cab Rat with a V8
His name is Admiral Michael S. Rogers.

Here he is...

This man is the most powerful person on the planet, no-one comes close.

He has at the moment every conceivable detail on about 14% of the Worlds population, as you are reading this he has in his possession your Tel.No. (home and mobile) your Bank Account details including numbers and passwords, he has your CV, he knows that you have visited here and read this post.

He's not elected, no-one can demote or reprimand him for this intrusion, he can on a whim ruin you or me.

So forget all the Bill gates of this World or any PM or President.

I thought you ought to know the man that effectively 'owns' you.

That Swiss Account you think you've hidden so well, he has all the details, when you phoned your mistress his little box of tricks recorded it.

Meet the Boss.

GCHQ has sent his department everything they have on you (and that is more than you realise), so don't think because you are sitting in the UK he hasn't got you too.

I'm a Brit, I was not brought up in the USA, yet the 4th Amendment is utterly clear even from the 3000 miles that separates us from the US mainland.

All Hail The King!

Just hope he never has a bad day at the office.
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Don't think I have anything to fear, apart from reading your posts, perhaps he Wont like that :)
No you have nothing to fear because you are not raising dust on any matter of contention and perhaps you will sail through life never raising a concern.

But not everyone is like that.

Let's play a game...

I think you own and run a garage (I hope my memory is good) what if you were contacted by VOSA and it was a letter marked "National Security Request" (they exist btw) it asked you to provide an inventory and photographs of the contents of every car you MOT.

The letter advises that discussing that you have received this letter is an offence with a possible jail sentence. Which they do!

You can't get out of it because the system is Computerised, they are live on MOT's these days I believe.

But you fall for the idea that you must have terrorists in the area and you will willingly comply with only a slight feeling of shame as your mechanics rustle through private details.

You go to a Franchise meeting and after a few drinks you or a fellow franchisee drops into the conversation that he had received this letter too and after a short while al of you have been sent one.

You have 'some' concerns but you think that they know the terrorists are known to drive Citroens.

You finally read on-line that a Volvo, Jag and Ford franchises are also doing this.

So you join the voices raised against what is just an over-arching bit of State intrusion, you will be hit.

Make no mistake, you will be hit, "Mr. Lightys Exotic Citroen Emporium" will go bust in weeks.

Now that's an extreme and frankly unlikely scenario, but in time 'something' will happen that will effect you or perhaps your son in times to come, it is inevitable for about 20% of the population.

We all start spying on each other, not purposefully, just by increment.
That's my new garage name if I go bust :D

Mr.Lightys Exotic Citroen Emporium
Many people simply don't make the intellectual connection needed to understand how this data collection is not just a tool for the State.

I can use it.

Say for example we had some chap with important business connections in the USA and good and thriving business that relied on regular and unfettered entry into the USA to maintain it, I'm sure that scenario is real to someone.

Now there is another business trying to get the better of this successful man.

They hire me or someone like me, because of the broad-stroke meta-collection and alert system I can use that to with little, in fact no trouble at all, to get that person from ever being allowed to fly into or sail into the USA. I can also using what is in place make anyone dealing with him shun him like the plague. To do it totally would take 3 months max. It would be the good offices of Admiral Rogers that assisted me. All the best security systems in the World count for nothing, the Business IT dept. would be helpless, I don't touch their Computers, I don't even visit their site.

All totally legal, all completely undetectable, I could do it right on this site if such a person was on here.

Of course the small business that hired me or someone like me must use a detective in order to make the most of the advantage we could give them, but I don't need anything from such a source, nothing, no contact, f-all.

If that successful business man with vital connections in the USA is anywhere on the 'net then I and my fellow bastards have him.

Welcome to 21st Century Industrial Espionage.