The worst car you've ever driven?


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My car is in for some damage repair. In the meantime I have been given a Volvo XC90. It is, quite possibly, the worst car I have ever driven. The steering is ship like, the engine response is minus the response part. The brakes have zero feel and left me wondering if it would actually stop on more than one occasion. The interior is laughable - cheap plastic everywhere with switches which are straight from the 90s. It has no redeeming quality whatsoever. It is 63 plate with under 5k miles.

It's that bad, I'd rather drive a Fiat Punto. What is the worst car you have ever driven ?
Worst car ever driven full stop was a Ford Orion 1.8DL (K reg whatever year that was)

Worst car driven in recent years, Rangey Sport 2005 2.7HSE diesel. That engine is just totally underpowered, agricultural and shit in a 2.5 tonne car!
VW Passat, courtesy car, went to take it home, drove it to the hire place instead, about 15 miles total, 5 to home deciding the pig was a POS and 10 to the Hire place, swapped for a Ford Mondeo thing, much nicer and a limo in comparison, I'm sure the shock absorbers were seized on the Passat, truly the worst suspension in history.
Funnily enough, we've been given a 14 plate XC90 while the E-class gets repaired. It's a tractor, proper old-skool slushy gearbox and noisy engine. Everything is poor, other than the 3rd row seats are quite roomy compared to an X5, etc.

It's from Performance Car Hire in Watford, £220 a day and we've had it over 3 weeks !!! :eek:
1988 Ford Escort 1.3L

Shocking in every way.
Lada samara - that was the pits. Definately a 2nd class walk would have beaten it every time.
Toyota Supra twin turbo Auto. Absolute dog shit.
As much as I thought the 997 Turbo Cab was an awesome car, the fact that it had Tiptronic made it the worst car I've ever driven.
As much as I thought the 997 Turbo Cab was an awesome car, the fact that it had Tiptronic made it the worst car I've ever driven.

You've had a privileged upbringing!
Hyundai Accent 1.3 auto i

First company car, circa 1997...what a piece of shit!
My older brothers first car was a Morris Marina 1.3HL. You lot don't know you've been born until you have driven something this bad. The steering wheel was free spinning and I swear not connected to anything. The brakes I think were supplied by Raleigh probably with those little leather bits in the blocks for when it rained and the chassis dynamics were, well, not dynamic at all.
Mitsubishi odd name for a car with absolutely none.
In my youth my uncle had a garage so when my car went bang or I was in between cars he'd let me use something of the forecourt.

So at the tender age of 17 I arrived at college in a white rear engined Skoda 120L. It actually got more attention than any car I owned during my college days.

I had to use it for 2 months until I found a new car and in that time I nearly killed myself twice, once because the brakes were shit and the second time I nearly lost the backend coming of a motorway slip road.
Dodge Viper. Hideous car to drive.