Visited the McLaren factory last week


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I had a business meeting at McLaren last week and was fortunate enough to get a look in the factory. It was absolutely rammed with cars! They are trying to finish off a large batch of the new 570s and they were everywhere on the shop floor.

The factory is interesting as there are very few fixed production stations - its mostly hand built so the production line is in an open space and hence can be quickly changed around.

The viewing level looks out from one end over the QC area. It was jammed with a mixture of 570s, 675LTs and 650s. A great site to see McLaren doing so well.

I have to say that I really like the styling on the new 570 - particularly the rear end with the flying buttresses.

Sadly no pics allowed.
I was lucky enough to do the tour with Supercar Driver a few weekends ago, fantastic place and firmly put McLaren on my 'todo' list of cars...
I think if the cars are all rammed there Graham then likely there's an issue or two as any manufacturer would surely prefer to take them off of the build line straight to the dealer and see the revenue come back in.

I think the 570S also represents quite a good package and they do need to sell these cars in volume to stop the endless procession of bi-annual "halo" cash cows that will immediately drop in value line stones as they find their owners only to be outdated by the new model as they drive off of the forecourt.
They did mention some parts supply issues. Big range of colours and wheel styles - make the cars look very different. There was also a bit of QC rectification...