Welcome Gary@apt


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Cars owned: RRS P510e, DBX 707, DBS SL, 992 GT3 T, John Deere
Guys welcome Gary

Hes a bit of a petrol head to say the least

Some of you will have met him at Spa (in the bar)

He runs a pretty successful tuning company in Norwich has a fantastic reputation for building non chocolate engines and being a bit of a whizz with Motec including the latest M1. He also has a fantastic dyno cell where hes mapped all sorts of cars!
He will also be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Geo and a few other popular topics

We need some pics Gary of both the Dyno and your own current beast (not the blue oval 1)!

Moz let him in

Welcome to S9's Gary.
Hi Gary, good to see you over here, welcome. Can we got Ross on here also?
Welcome Gary.

Show us some pics then?
Thanks for intro jez,

many years of my life have gone into this car so heres a few snaps



and this is my play room,many hours spent here....

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Welcome Gary. I don't think that's running stock :(rofl):
Christ that's one serious looking EVO.

I dare not contemplate what investment has gone into that but I am sure that you are getting the rewards from it now looking at the in-car clip on the other thread.

Well done for having the balls Gary.
2 different cars Nick - both built by Gary

Gary's has all the toys to - Bosch ABS, paddle shift, Nos etc etc

Phils (video clip car) is the detuned TA winning car