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We're asking if you would you be kind enough to help us raise the profile of our sector and the difficulties that we are facing as a result of Covid-19.

Throughout this pandemic the Government has repeatedly ignored the needs of food wholesalers, even though food and drink wholesalers are crucial to supplying hospitals, care homes, schools, and are a lifeline for vulnerable communities. They are also integral to the post-pandemic economic restart. Despite this, they have been excluded from much Government support and face sector-wide closures.

Pre-Covid-19, wholesalers supplied 330,000 food service businesses and 72,000 grocery stores, and local high streets. They supported 1.4 million jobs, which is more than the five biggest supermarkets. Given their importance for the public sector and the hospitality industry, wholesalers will be intrinsic to Britain’s economic restart.

Despite this, Government have chosen to exclude food wholesalers from much support.

We are calling for this to change. We desperately need bespoke financial support packages to be made available by Government now.

Please help support us and our industry by signing the petition below for dedicated support for the wholesale sector.

We would be grateful if you would also consider sharing this request with colleagues, friends and family.

I really appreciate your support and truly believe we can only get out of this crisis by all working together and supporting each other.

Thank you for your time and help!
Thanks Bren.

If we could Rost, I would be all for that too! Now get on and sign it please! :)
Only if you give 25% of your profits to a good cause ��������
Fookin LOL.
Thank you guys!
Done ��
Hi Steve
Are you able to elaborate on what and where the specific problems are in relation to your sector are precisely how Covid is affecting these? Is it mainly the impact on the hospitality sector, just so that I understand? Cheers
Thanks guys, appreciated.

No problem Alex. It is not ourselves that are struggling financially as we are very fortunate and a cash rich business, but for sure, 2020 our turnover was down 40% and our profits are a fraction of what they were in previous years when they should have been higher still during 2020, but we are part of a purchasing group of 40 similar wholesalers and there are a few that are seriously struggling and on the brink of going under, hence putting the feelers out to ask for help.

The whole hospitality trade has had help from the government apart from the middle men ie the wholesalers. Without them, there is no hospitality, as where would they get their products from? Whilst the government have not closed the wholesalers down, instead what they have done is closed down more than 90% of our customers and the only ones we are left with during tier 3 or higher, is care homes and now a few households and the occasional pub that has opened as a takeaway.
The overheads needed to run wholesalers like us is massive. As an example, we have received zero help with our council rates (circa £100k per year), refrigeration plant which you cannot close down during lockdown due to the fresh and frozen food stored in there, another £120k per year, let alone all the insurances, delivery vehicles, forklifts etc that are sat there dormant.

There is a fundamental problem with selling food too with the short shelf life these products have.

When they have a lockdown, the trouble is that without any notice or any of us second guessing the lockdowns, any orders we have in the system for fresh produce/milk/cream, we cannot cancel the orders that are already en route to us and then when it arrives with us, we have between 3-10 days to get it shifted. Most of our customers have closed and so suddenly we have 90% more than we can physically sell to the existing customers. Food banks won't take it either as they want long life food and so it goes for animal feed etc.
Monday I have 400 frozen loaves of bread going to a farm. Cheaper than binning it! I am not exaggerating when I say that we have thrown more than £50,000 worth of food this last year, due to the lockdowns.
If we were builders merchants etc, then the stock can just sit there until we open again.

Never mind that many have profiteered out of this sad situation and I know several friends that have had their most profitable year last year, even more so as they were given grants they did not even need, but for the government to completely ignore this sector is unfair when there are many that truly do need help and their local MP's are just not doing anything for them.

I am sure there are other sectors that are in a similar situation.

Hope that helps explain/justify why we are asking for support, but that is the very basics of it.