Hi Everyone, another newbie from the Island of Man



Hi Guys

Brand new to this after Henry told me to join, I have met a few of the lads who came over for the IOM supercar weekend.

My dad has the Black F12 and I was in the passenger seat most of the time..

If any of you chaps have instagram be sure to follow me for car content at 'awesome_cars_isle_of_man'

Hello, welcome aboard fellow IoM dude.

Thanks for joining

I was the male model chap in the SV Roadster over there, I don't think we got a chance to speak though, so get busy in here and get to know a few better

I've sorted you full site member access now, so you should be able to see more
Hi Fin, welcome to S9's.👍🏼
you must be mad Fin.....but if you really want to join this group of misfits then I am happy to have you on board ....! I think I don't need to explain who I am like Moz...I'm more famous than him now
Welcome to S9 :(y):
Hi Fin and welcome. How is the simulator.....
Hi, ah yes I know the car.

Im sure ill see you next year. Thanks for giving me full access!