New member here to say Hello! I'm a Very lucky GT4 Owner!


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Hi Guys,

New member here from Bromley, Kent. I'm just posting up to say hello after joining up from the recomendation of Mike_csl.

I'm lucky enough to have on the 1st of March picked up a new Cayman GT4! I havent even driven it yet as it was sent straight to Mike at Minutia Detailing for a new car correction/protection detail! I am due to be picking the car up this afternoon so hopefully I will be able to sleep well tonight as the past week hasnt been easy feeling like a kid at Christmas!

I would class myself as a massive car and bike nut having had a fair few of both in my time, I've done a couple of seasons Bike Club Racing with Bemsee.

Anyways I'll stop rambling now!


Richard (but all my friends call me Bav!)
Welcom Mate!!
Welcome BaV, which GT4 is yours, Mike has a few in at the moment! :eek::
Thanks! Mines the Guards Red one!

Fantastic, love it in that colour. I am taking photographs of it tomorrow for Mike to provide in his final detail report USB stick!
I'm actually picking it up today so maybe you're doing the white one?
Welcome BaV.

Guards red is lovely. Enjoy your new car and post up some pics once you have it. We like pics here on S9's.
Good to see you on here BaV. Welcome. Looking forward to pics of the guards red!
Heres the car, amazing in red

Welcome in, chap. :thumbsup:
I'm actually picking it up today so maybe you're doing the white one?

Ah okay no worries, I did take some wash pics the other day for Mike to give to you but I guess time has run out to do a complete set once finished. I was planning to photograph it yesterday for Mike but the rain called time on that plan!

Porsche Cayman GT4 Red March 2016-9188.jpg

Porsche Cayman GT4 Red March 2016-9205.jpg

Porsche Cayman GT4 Red March 2016-9211.jpg

Porsche Cayman GT4 Red March 2016-9210.jpg

Looks great!

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Well I've been busy driving the car about all afternoon showing a few friends and can report back that It's an absolute weapon and I love it!

Massive thanks again to Mike for all his hard work, and also for the blast out in the red NSX!
Welcome Bav, lovely car. Can hear the excitement in your post
Thanks motorstars I love those mid wash photos!

Here's a couple more of my favourite shots!