Noble owners on S9s??


Michael W

With so many members on S9s are there any other fellow noble owners in my corner??😉 , seems to be many porks and Mac around 😜. If so how do you find then on track with other marks ?
A friend has a 3R and is pretty rapid on track with it.

He's had it 3 years now and loves the thing, but is now starting a Lister Bell Stratos build, so needs the space so will be selling it shortly. Great cars.

Small world your friend Jason also has a gt40 rep both cars look very clean . He is on the noble cars forum and has put up a few pictures of the new build . Alway like the stratos .

He only lives up the road from me so I am sure we will get the cars out and meet each other once the good weather starts.

How do you like the Evora 400 . I do like the new sharper look.
Ha ha, small world indeed. We've done Nurburgring, Spa and Swiss Alps together over the last 3 years.

Also had a GT40 rep last year after seeing Jase's. Only kept it 4 months mind you unlike Jase and 20 years


Enjoying the 400. Had the original Evora S a few years back. Got a soft spot for Lotus as on 6th Lotus now and expect to buy some more in the near future.


Re Noble I did try and buy a 3R a few years back, but struggled to find one with all the right mods. Even looked at a M400 but once again not right.
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Trips and Ring trips

I could of bought many other cars but I missed a noble 10 years back when I either bought a car or had a house with the wife . I had a house maybe this decision will stop me progressing on S9s 😂From the baby pool .

I did the ring with Kam, Chris , Anis a year or so back and 3 years back had the same picture of my cls55 . Iconic ring picture .

Always up for trips out or weekend away if I can jump on the trail of cars 👍

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There are a couple that compete in TimeAttack they go pretty well to say the least!
I think there also on the noble forum Blue/ white one, there quite far away from a standard ish car like mine . The one runs paddle shift I think with 6-700 bhp. Not interacted with them as yet as it's not Totaly my seance, hevely tuning my cars .
Sorry rea read your post , you also have a gt40 rep 👍 . Nice one I bet they look pretty cool rolling down the road togeather .