Super Car Event June 20th Dunsfold Park


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Hi everyone,
I'm driving down to this event, is anyone else able to attend? 🍻
I'll be there as I am one of the lead organisers.

We have a few members from here driving to :) It set to be a good day, but I will be glad when it is over at the same time.
yep - I'm expecting to be there - great event.
Can't make this year unfortunately. Shame as it's a great event, for a great cause!
Any convoys coming up the M4 or M3 that I could tag on to ?
Details for this event? Might come along.
I might come along this too. Not heard anything about it in here.

More info please Peter ?
Every year I want to go to this event. Great way to offer our toys for a good cause.

However' each and every year I'm time poor and this year is no exception. If anything changes I'm there.
every year i want to go to this event but as always my wife won't let me out. Great way to offer our toys for a good cause.

However' each and every year i'm not allowed out and this year is no exception. If wife lets me out i'm there.

Will reply properly when back
Forgot to update this. Event went really well and had a fabulous selection of cars, including a LaFerrai, 599 GTO, plenty of GT3RS and the usual plethora of Ferrari's, Lambo's, Atom's, etc. Max Chilton came down to and auctioned off 4 rides with him which raised over £2000. One of which was purchased by Marky who came back slightly stunned :D:

I was lucky enough to get 3 laps in the LaF-UNBELIEVABLE car. Wow. Nothing else like it. Also went out in a I8-very very impressed.

We had rain on the Saturday, but Sunday was glorious.

After all the costs we netted over £115,000 which is £20,000 up from last year.

Many thanks to some of the S9 crew for helping us achieve that :)
That is incredible, well done!
Nice one Pete, what's the running all time total ? It's got to be a chunky number by now.
Thanks chaps, proper chuffed. Conservative estimate over 9 years got to be near on £400,000 + maybe £450,000.
Fantastic job! Such a shame that I couldn't make it this year :(