F1 marbles ?


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Is it just me imagining things, or do F1 drivers go through as much of the 'marbles' as possible on their cool down / victory lap in order to pick them up on the very hot tyres with a view to getting the cars weight back up a bit when they get weighed at the end ?

The cars are weighed to make sure they aren't 'under regs' at the end yes ?

Why are the drivers weighed also ?
Drivers with helmet and hans device weighed at the end. I'm sure the cars do too, but they don't seem to drive over the marbles as much as they used to. Maybe the car is weighed before and after without rims?
The minimum weight is of the car and driver combined.

Otherwise it would be a huge advantage to have a tiny driver and having tall drivers would be a huge disadvantage (it still is but more due packaging and centre of gravity)
The driver and his kit is weighed as it's a total minimum weight, not the car on its own. I suspect that how many marbles they try to collect depends on how tight they were with their fuel at the end. If there are several safety cars, they will finish with a few extra kilos of fuel so less pick-up is necessary. With the new fuel regs and 'efficient' engines, pick-up may not be quite as tight as before ...
I thought picking up spent rubber increased the ride height in case the car was marginal on that?
Its a minimum weight thing
Thought this might be Moz's idea to excite F1. Get the marshals to throw marbles on certain corners at unusual times. Might make it slightly more interesting!