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Cars owned: E30 M3, E46 M3 CSL, 991 911 GT3
Hi All

After joining the other day and waiting for the verification email to arrive, which never turned up even after doing the lost password thingy, Mycroft stepped in and sorted it so I can post, so here I am.

I've been pointed to this site after taking my new GT3 to Nick to get the paint protection wrap fitted, he mentioned saying hello and possibly being let in by the gatekeepers! lol

I'm a bit of a petrol head having had numerous marks over the years, nothing that exotic till I got a M3 CSL a few years back and an E30 M3 last year, the CSL has been a ring toy and heavily modified to go quicker rounds bends and stop a bit better, but now the GT3 has arrived unfortunately the M cars are up for sale. I also do a bit of racing in the Tegiwa Civic Cup.

Heres a few pics of my new smoker.


Ando (Mark)
Hi Mark, welcome over here. I sorted your VIP access earlier - has it worked ? (ie can you see more forum areas?)

I saw your car at Nick's on Sunday night, bloody lovely thing is that.

Good to see you over here :)
Ando, welcome to S9. Nice looking car, especially with the gorgeous colour. Enjoy!
Thanks for the welcome.

Moz I can see all the other forums now, thanks for the access.
that looks bloody lovely in yellow. like crying-ly beautiful. well done sir
Welcome from a fellow 991 GT3 owner:)
Great to see you here "Ando". I didn't realise when we talked on Friday that you had an E30 M3 too. Surely you're not selling that yet or is this a "whilst the market is hot" decision ?

Your 991 GT3 is stunning as is Nathan's car too. These cars really suit the solid colours although the GT silver is a favourite of mine also.

Stick around and join in when you can and definitely post up some pics of your other cars as there is plenty of love here for them all. Especially the CSL as many of us have had these in various states of modification.

See you on Thursday as I bet you cant wait to get to the Ring now....?
Welcome, love that colour, it's an outrageous car and that colour is my favourite so far, but with me being a timid soul I don't think I could carry it off.

I am only the Janitor here and sent a note to 'Sir' (Mosi/Moz) and he did the rest.

Enjoy the site within and post what's on your mind, we all like honest thoughts, right or wrong, you don't have to watch your words.

Remember that this thread and the Public face has little or no profanity, that all happens 'within'.

Post up your impressions of the GT3, we love cars here.
Welcome Ando, stunning car.
Hiya....is that the leeds car ?
Cheers Fellas for the really nice welcome!

Nick, the E30 has to go to help fund the 991, I've just had a engine build done and new shocks, springs, bushes and arbs, thought it would be a long term'er to be honest as it was a childhood hero car. But things change and now I really need to consolidate it all in to one. Especially keeping the fpo happy. lol

But so far having only driven a couple of hundred miles in the GT3, apart from it being SO yellow (the CSL is black) it is great, I think it needs a bit of a set up for track as the front does tend to want to wash out and understeer, but as I can only compare it to the CSL which is so well set up it turns in really well, I can't wait til Thursday and the Ring trip! I love the way in which it feels you can accelerate so much with a squeeze of the toes! the stereo is great, the gear change is so precise and calculated it's fantastic. I was in one at Imola and Mugello as a passenger the other week, my mate driving it has one arm and was leaving 997.2 GT3RS' behind, it was amazing to see, having been on board for many many gen 2 RS laps of the ring, it just goes to show how good the new GT3 is!



I'll start a new thread and put some pics and vids up of the M cars and ring Videos.
Welcome to S9's.
Enjoy your GT3 in good health.
Is that colour called racing yellow?
Hi lovely looking motor. Like the colour
Evenin' Ando! Congrats on the nice motor and your equally epic first name......