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Cars owned: Lamborghini LP570-4
Hello all

Big thank you to Moz who directed me here sometime ago after a chat about his great garage on the garage thread on pistonheads.
Look forward to seeing and talking cars on here.

Below is a pic of my car.Will post more later


Hi Richard and welcome to S9's , nice Lambo :(y):
Hello mate
There is just no escaping you :Kiss:
Hi Richard. Good to see you here! Welcome.
Hi Richard,
Welcome to S9's and I love that pic of your car. Best Lambo colour IMO.
Cheers guys

You know it Ruebdo.Someone gotta keep you company up the front :8):
Hi Rich, great to see you over here. I have opened up the member areas to you now

It's ok guys, I know this one.

Lovely getting posting, we don't do lurkers in here :)
Welcome Rich

More Bulls Yay!!
Welcome Richard. Not too many cars on my want list but the Superleggy has a lovely edge to it.
Thanks Trev.
Yes it is a great car.Thought it may be too extreme but is actually not too bad on the roads and sounds amazing with the quicksilver titan exhaust it came with.
Welcome RichyT.
Please tell me you do not have an LT incoming too?
Cheers guys

If you mean a McLaren LT then no Rosco_Only got room for the one toy but happy enough with me little green beast
Thank goodness for that.
Lovely car you have there.
Cheers though you got quite the collection going by the looks of it.Very tasty i must say :p:
Cheers Moz missed your earlier reply somehow.Will try not to lurk...
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