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Morning All, some of you may have noticed we have yet another forum member who wants to sponsor our site/forum and advertise one of his latest ventures.

Max Veloce's Aqualand Industries are now onboard :)

Aqualand Industries ltd are the proud manufacturers of children’s electrically powered vehicles , specifically designed for the leisure and vending industry.

Both Crazi-Bugz their land based vehicle and Bod-Jet their water based craft, are packed full of safety features and the next generation game play software to keep the young pilots entertained safely at all times.

Their products come come with a fully maintained lease hire package and offer attractive return on investment for water sports/ activity centres or an individual looking for a Business in a box.

If you are interested in becoming a business partner and would like to arrange a demonstration please contact them at "" or call 03303 337279.
Thank you sir, here's a few product preview photos, they are basically luxury toys for children and young adults which are best used outdoors (in the sea/Lakes and outdoor tracks):


Crazi-Bugz kids with Eorl Crabtree.jpg

Designed, built and tested in the UK.
Copyright ©2018 all rights reserved. Bod-Jet & Crazi-Bugz are registered trademarks of AquaLand Industries Ltd.
National, European and International Patents apply.
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Why has the Banana Splits theme tune suddenly come in to my head ?
I am too now Lighty’s put the video up. :(giggle):

Oh dear, you're showing your ages now, I loved the Banana splits too...…. My Grandad told me all about them LOL

BRING THEM BACK!…….. Oh yes, we are doing in a small way xx
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The latest all-electric off-road driving experience!

New for 2019, we are delighted to introduce Crazi Bugz, an electric off-road driving experience like no other.

Set in the beautiful grounds of Brockhole on Windermere, on a specially designed environmentally friendly track, this all-electric off-road experience is the perfect test of skill and coordination, whilst providing great fun and a sense of freedom.

A first in the South Lakes, these mini, six-wheeled, all electric buggies will let you whiz around our unique track, giving you a taste of driving in the Lakeland Fells.

Suitable for ages 6-16yrs (or smaller adults).

And even found in old mines in the Lakeland area too: