New to the group.


Michael W

Thanks for the add and recommendation from Kam. I am aware of a few other members and hope to get the car out in some of the weekend runs and trips .

Always wanted to own a Noble m12 , recently got into one and loving being involved in car fun again.

Thanks for add 👍IMG_2053.JPG
hello and welcome. good place here. always very interesting!! nice Noble too, had a poke around these at autosport there.
Evening and welcome, don't be shy!

Lovely car the M12 👍
One thing I am not is shy 😂 Thanks for the warm welcome, just finding my feet .

Soooo looking forward to the summer mind .
Great car, enjoy it and welcome!
Thanks motorstars for your welcome , I would love to move past the forum holding pool .🙏🏼

Love the exsige by the way wish I could fit in one .
Thanks! It is pretty cosy inside I have to agree, I'm only 5'8" and struggle to get out.

Always had a thing about the s1 exige myself . Are the new s3 exsige's more sutable for the taller man . I have not seen one in person as yet.