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Cars owned: E46 M3 CSL, M2
Hello everyone! I've heard this is a decent, friendly forum so I thought I'd sign up and give a proper introduction.

I'm Patrick, I have an E46 M3 CSL that I love, but I'm potentially looking to add to the stable at some point.

I met a couple of you at Spa in October, I was in the faster of the 2 Silver Grey CSL's (ha ha, sorry Bill) and with my dad in the GT Sliver 997 Turbo.

I am a serious petrol head and love the fact that there are still people out there who want to use their cars (evident by such a great selection at Spa!!).

Looking forward to being a part of the S9's community over the next few years.

Hiya Patrick,

Welcome matey...... Get some pics of the CSL up please..... miss mine big time 👍🏽
Hiya Patrick,

Welcome matey...... Get some pics of the CSL up please..... miss mine big time 👍🏽

Thanks! There are loads on my Instagram - @boarderpat but here's a favourite from this years trip to Le Mans Classic.

Great picture..... these cars were extremely good in their day..... what's the spec?
Hi mate welcome!

I was the twat in the red Exige at Spa!

Amazing two days on track there we were blessed!
Welcome along - love the CSL :(y):
Great car the CSL. :(y):
Welcome along 👍
Welcome Pat.

I've given you full access now so get stuck in.

FYI, I was in the Black 675LT at Spa.
Welcome Pat.

Lovely CSL.

I was in the frozen silver e92 at Spa.
Welcome to S9's , I wasn't at Spa but I would have liked to be.
Hiya Patrick. Love your CSL. Looking forward to the new one (if the rumours are true!)
I'm first in line for the CSL at my local BMW Centre, I cannot wait for this to happen if the rumours are true.
Peak BMW that... nothing they have made since comes close
Welcome Patrick. Good to see you on here!
Wow, thanks for the warm welcome fellas! Looking forward to contibuting to the community.

Yeah the CSL is a fantastic car...had it for just over 3 years now and can't imagine parting with it. I have a deposit on a 'rumored' modern version also, fingers crossed they make it...that would be a rather nice 2 car garage!

Spec on the CSL is pretty simple, only upgrades are AP's all round, full Milltek exhaust and Pilot Super Sports (instead of cups) so I can use it all year! Considering a suspension refresh with Ohlins at some point, after a ride in a friends which has them fitted.
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