Bought a TV in the last 5 years?


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Is it linked to a satellite or the internet?

Then if so it's listening to you and there is a new app for snoopers everywhere.

TV's, Fridges, printers and god knows what else!

Anyone now can be snooped on and it's incredibly easy.


So, if you have a wifi printer in your office I can for less than £70 copy every single document you send to print.

If I were a young man wanting to start up a business and get clients to make serious in-roads into any industry, it has never been easier.

If I were 20yo and few scruples I could be a billionaire on the back of modern technology in 10 years.

I know 'someone' 7/8 years ago who 'juiced' a rivals phone system for about a year and basically stole 90% of their clients in that time.

From start-up (zero turn-over) to nearly a million in profit in a year, but now it's even easier ffs!
how do they get the app on to the device?
You put the app on the smartphone, the TV's send as part of the original package.

60% of all TVs in Europe sold in the last 5 years have the listener in the TV.

Bought the app to see if it works.

The last app I bought in this 'range' of dark apps was able to access the credit cards used in Uber systems, mixed results 40% success rate... still a good little earner for $350.

PS I didn't take a penny! but my guess is that if you sat around London a good day 10 hours would net you £5k without too much hassle
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so someone would stand outside your house and access the app on your tv, printer etc?
Yep. Or sit in a van. Or rent an office above/below/side of your business.
Need more info on this or I am calling bullshit. What OS needs to be installed on the device. What OS does the app run on? How is the app you "Buy" running "master" to a "slave" device. PM if you prefer but this sounds like "big brother bullshit to me" Surely you need an unencrypted network in the first instance? There are easier ways to poke a network.
You need to read up a bit more.

Every TV in your home can be set to send live your conversations up-line, breaking the up-line encryption is a piece of cake.

Some sets will even transmit on request on the local airwaves.

All admitted and out there.

Any business office these days is easy meat if you want to take their trade.

When I retire, I think a career awaits me, so many people are totally unaware of what can be done.

Question is... Black Hat or White Hat?..

Black Hat is more fun, White Hat is too 'saintly' and I'm sold to backbone and entrails to the Devil...

From the greatest 'Western' ever made:-
Samsung seems to be the first to admit there little spy in the box... more to come I expect.
I just put a new telly in