Faked up Videos...


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Been busy for a while and so have been out of the scene.

But today is the first chance I've had to analyse the video of the Jordanian Pilot that was set on fire.

The 'incident' is fake.

Total fakery.

People have fallen for it and everyone of them is a fool.

Were you fooled?

I bet you were.

Back in the 70's I was in a building that was on fire, big building, a few people (sadly) died, I've seen people on fire, I've seen people 'in fear' of being burned alive... I've written about it on the net numerous times.

People become feral beasts in the face of fire, the reaction, the bodily reaction is distinct and frankly terrifying, that fire still occasionally haunts my nights.

The Pilot is most likely dead, probably shot later, but he was being directed to behave in the manner he did.

Sadly it is not in the West's "interests" to properly breakdown this and the other "IS" videos and expose the lie.

But yet again you've been lied to.

Sheep are (in comparison to the average human) far more wary of a Judas Goat than you are.
Thomas Cranmer? Or did he have a tin-foil lining to his cap?
I read somewhere that IS have admitted he was drugged, hence no reactions as you would expect.

Is that feasable, or even if drugged would you be as you described?
No, fear of and reaction to fire is visceral, put your hands in a fire the reaction is not chemical it is electro-mechanical, the muscles contract... in that video he was not ever licked by flames.
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Thomas Cranmer? Or did he have a tin-foil lining to his cap?

If you believe anything a bunch of Religious nutters tells you is a true account of History you need your wee head examining... they needed a martyr, they fabricated one... happened all the time.
Do a bit more reading (before the chemtrails get to you).
Henry needed a martyr to found the CoE... it worked.

But as for it being a true account... whoa! Not. In. A. Million. Years.