Hello - new member - Matm


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Cars owned: E46 M3 991.1 C2S and girl's cars
Hi Guys,

Just a quick note to say hello!

Have had a few porkers and M cars over a period of time and now in my mid-forties (having been past my mid-life crisis at about 30 odd), back in the game.

Current are a 991.1 C2s an E46 M3 (my 4th I think) and various SWMBO stuff. Future plans are Macca and maybe some classics. I believe this is the place to go for McLarens!

Known Mr Moz for a very long time - c. 16 years now so thought I'd say "hi". You all seem like a great bunch of guys and gals.


Welcome, you have plenty more time for mid life crisis', I have them every few years 😬
Hello Mat and welcome

Unfortunately it's not allowed to like both mclaren and porsche - each brand owner must fight to the death to set out that their chosen brand is a tenth faster and therefore better.

Hi MAT ( edited ) and welcome to S9's, there are plenty of guys here but no girlies unfortunately, although it could be said some of the blokes here moan like old women 😁
I'm sure Moz will be along to let you in once he knows you're knocking at the S9's door.
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Morning Mat, I let you in the secret entrance last night mate, you should be able to see it all now.

Good to see you over here, get involved
Talk soon
Hi Mat and welcome to S9's.

Have we met before ?
Welcome Mat (with one t!) 👍
Welcome Mat (with one t!) 👍

That one T thing is very important you know

I got into trouble for adding two T's once

Mat, a few on here are into gin palaces too, so get some pics up in the Gallery section
Welcome Mat with 1 T.

Porsche and Mac is like trying to mix oil and water. But it seems to work ok on here!!
Welcome Mat with 1 T.

Porsche and Mac is like trying to mix oil and water. But it seems to work ok on here!!

Or Queers 'n Steers. But it's the Porsche owners have the horns.... ;)
Thanks for the welcome guys.

I may have met some of you a while ago. I was around in the M3BMW days and if Zod is still around, he still owes me a neck brace from the small incident at metzgesfeld.

The 1 "T" comes from growing up in the late 70s/early 80s and arcade machines on hols I think. When it said enter your initials, I put MAT. Or I wanted to be different or a bit of a twat, who knows, I can't remember so it's one T for now. Moz - yes, it was important after c. 10 years of working together that I thought I should finally tell you you've been spelling my name incorrectly. No long term issues though Stteeve.

I'm sure Pork and Maccas can live together but I'm not here to change the world so will take your joint advice sagely!

See you on the inside!