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Hello all,

I found your page after following a very nice McLaren 12C on the way back from your meet today and whilst not owning a supercar myself, I do have a passion for supercars and supercar photography. For the past few months I have been building an Instagram page (@surreysupercarsdaily - despite the name I am local to the Chesham area) around my craving for fast cars. Whilst I understand this is a closed group, I would love to learn more about the cars featured and also improve my knowledge of automotive photography if there are any experts in the forums!

A small example of recent photographs I took of a McLaren 675LT:



Obviously if this is something that is not possible I understand, but I will continue to admire the cars you share.

Thanks for your time.
Not another fookin photographer. This place is over run with em. They should all be shot. With a Canon.
Well hopefully that means there are plenty of people for me to learn from :)