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Hi all

Just a quick introduction from me.

My name is Tom and I've worked in the high performance car industry since I left education. It was back then when I met Moz and Barry P, over 10 years ago now.

Since then I have worked for various tuning garages and also for various race and rally teams in the USA and Europe. Most recently Event coordinating and managing for Liam Doran in World Rallycross and X Games.

I am now one half of a performance car sales business based in Bucks.

Looking forward to getting to know what S9s is all about

Hi Tom, good to see you over here. Seems like a LOOOONG time ago that we were playing with Evo's at Steve Hill Motorsport :)

Stick around in here, good bunch

I will open up the private areas to you now, I've known you c15 years!
Welcome Tom
Thanks guys

Moz, I'm on the cusp of buying your old car at the moment. A certain silver one.
Thanks guys

Moz, I'm on the cusp of buying your old car at the moment. A certain silver one.

No way, that's ace. Got any pics of Project X ?

Good car that


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Welcome Tom! Good to see you finally on here! Just waiting for Chris now ... ;)
Coincidentally a lad I worked with in Devon last year, bought the car and he's looking to PX with us.


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Welcome to S9s:(y):
Hi Guys, Ive just landed. HI Tom, Moz.

You should be answering the phone, not on here during working hours! See you Sun morning.
Welcome guys.
Hi Matt, I believe we met at the Flying Horse earlier in 2015 when I was there with Chris.
A big warm welcome to S9's .
Hi Tom (longman) and Chris glad to see you both on here.
SHM the good old days...........