Aston V12GT12


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I have an option on one of the 15 UK cars, 100 world wide. Have zero time in this new stuff only the old V8s X packs etc.

I note a few have V12s on here, have to make my mind up today and lock in spec. Would like to think that I can have a few track days and move on, or will I lose a lot on it...?

Any advise much appreciated
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Gosh, the big question is how much will you loose? Maybe nothing if it's that rare and really a great car.

If it's slower than the RS on track and this Aston is track focused then I'd not bother really.
Aston GT12.jpgGT122.jpgASTON GT12 1.jpgASTON GT12 1.jpgASTON GT12 1.jpgASTON GT12 1.jpg

Thought so, I will pass....its 280k also......
Thank you......
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Dear god what an abomination

You're best out of it mate
Does it come in Klingon cloaking device invisible?

Good point. I'd never thought of that :thumbsup: :devil2::devil2:
Good move D.
I would have taken you to spec savers if you'd turned up in that.
If you don't go for it D, let me know as I can always flip it.
Lol......I spent a whole morning at the factory specing it the yellow flashes....

Just back from the RS at Silverstone,Sam and Anj.......The 675 should be very afraid........
Lost a fortune on a Vantage when I was younger and bought a nearly new one. Loved the car, hated the depreciation and the amount of time it spent back at the dealer.

My business partner has one now, and it's had so many warranty claims it doesn't seem much has changed :(