Oi Oi Saveloy!


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Mr Doom has recommended your noble establishment as a place I might enjoy.

I'm certain I'll know quite a few of the reprobrates already in here.

What do I need to know? What are the rules? Am I able to refer to PGT without being stoned to death?

No need to refer to the other channel , rules are pretty similar to other private forums (but be gentle with the ribbing , that's not the same here ).
Loads of people here you know , lee , Anders , Sam , Andy , james , Viking , apolo , la tif etc .

Have more meets and track days here 👍🏻
Cheers Doomy, Need to do a few more meets this year. Been a bit out of the loop with a 2yo tearaway taking up most of my time.
Forgot to say ; This is the public part of the forum , be careful what you say . If mods accept then you go into the main
Hey Chris!

Just behave yourself in here it can get emotional 😭

I remember you from back in the day

Welcome to my internet exile

It’s got pretty busy in here over the years

Mention that other place again and yes you will be stoned 😁
Hi Chris,

Welcome to S9's chap !

I too remember you from that other place. We don't mention it any longer in here as we stoned so many who did that there was no one left to post so who say's we're too stupid to learn from our mistakes in here :)

I'll open up the main doors to you so stick around and get stuck in posting. We're generally a nice bunch in here and like our track days and meets and contrary to popular opinion, no one has been banned in S9's, yet :)

Oh and be prepared as Baf of course does like to wind us Mac lovers up as he's so bored over in his current world but we just bite to make him feel better about his car solitude as it helps him pass the time of day.

And you must remember Apolo who is legendary on knowing every single detail of Porsche and McLaren's business plan before its announced and then being proven wrong of course :)

I'm still far too tall and living the dream I can ill afford and Alex (Stradman), is our resident Viper ACR owner of which that car has to be seen on track to be believed.

Others will pop along soon enough to say hi I'm sure.

Big love from S9's
Welcome along 👌
Hi Chris welcome here, great place, Nick summed it up nicely. Baf and David will chip in with the missing bits ;)

Come join our private TD events and tours.
Speedster, I forgot to say that apparently in Xanadu did kublai kahn a pleasure dome erect .

That's all you need to know mate , trust me
Chrissy boy Nice to see you on here mate now get stuck in taking the Michael !😂👍
Thank you all for the kind welcome. Lots of names I recognise, chief amongst which in the fruit cake that is Uncle Leo, so I feel at home already.