Sort of new member! *scoobyc*



Hi all, just sold my R8 to Nik on here and he thought I should join only to find out I signed up years ago and forgot about it:(blush): Some might know me from ph or pgt as the same username so if you do can you please reply and I'll hopefully get let in to post:(y): cheers Scott.
As Scott says, I’ve just bought a car from him and wanted to flag what a super chap he is. The car couldn’t have been further away from me, I bought it remotely without viewing.

However, Scott is a genuine petrolhead and one of the most honest and sincere people I’ve come across. The car looked immaculate in all the pictures and frankly was even better when it arrived.

He went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable, and did a few extra things without me even asking.

Could the powers that be please grant access ?
Hi Scott and welcome to S9’s
One of the button pressers will be along very soon I’m sure.
Welcome along, sure I’ve heard of you before. :(rofl):
We don't need another celt in here. There's enough foreigners as it is...


welcome buddy.
They let anyone in these days ;)
I’ve been informed that you are in Scott.
Get posting. :)
Turn coat!!!! :D

Had to find out what I was missing out on....:Kiss:

Was going to see if you wanted cheap winters for your M2 and I could buy the ones advertised there but I didn't want to post it incase I was being presumptuous that you'd make it to winter!
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