UAE isn't in on 'The Plan'


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This is what happens when the US and Israel keep secret their sponsorship and training of the robot 'army' ISIS/ISIL/IS and local Govt's decide the threat is real for them too.

The UAE are unaware that the game plan is de-stabilising Saudi Arabia and think they may be in the firing line themselves.

You'd think that any 'help' from any state in the area would be appreciated, but the US is aghast at this turn of events, the 'locals' are ruining their plan... you have to laugh.

This might be the turning point, it might just make the Saudi's realise that they are the target and stop relying on the US to keep them safe, they're not.

If Saudi Arabia do suddenly wake up and start hostilities it would mean the plan has failed and ISIS/ISIL/IS will melt away as quickly as it appeared, quicker in fact.

I love it when a plan comes together, but love it far more when other people's plans fall apart. :)
Where do you buy your tin foil hats ,Mycroft ?
I presume you all use 'Newsdiff'!?!

Here is the story from it's inception on the BBC.

This often shows how a story is changed, not just as facts emerge but also as facts become 'inconvenient'.

If you haven't been using this service then I supposed you are doomed to complacency and ignorance.

It probably is better to bury your head in the sand, you don't need a backbone to do that.

Here's the home page:- if anyone here does develop a spine put that site in your favourites and any time you read anything on the BBC then copy and paste the URL of the page you're reading in the box and stop being deceived.

After a while you'll come to a very uncomfortable conclusion...

Oh and you do use the Wayback Machine I hope...
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None of the links work. The CIA have got to you!
Just checked, all good here.

It think they may have got you!!!